Motivational Speaking: Gaining A Competitive Advantage

Motivational Speaking: The Top 6 Causes Of Speech Anxiety Which Can Cripple Your Presentation

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Unpacking The Causes Of Speech Anxiety:

  1. Excessive Self Consciousness Creates Introspection And Self Focussing.
  2. Fear Of The Audience Creates Anxiety. There Are Easy Principles To Change This.
  3. Misunderstanding Our Physical Response To Public Exposure Causes Tension.
  4. If You Stand In Front Of An Audience Without Preparation, You Will Suffer SA.
  5. Too High Expectations Of Yourself And Your Ability Will Create Anxiety.
  6. Fear Of Being Scrutinised And Evaluated Produces Anxiety – Often A Dry Mouth!




There Are 3 Good Reasons Why There Is Nothing To Fear From Speech Anxiety.

Self Confidence Is A Learned Discipline.

Your Listeners Will Not Know Even If You Suffer From  Speech Anxiety.

There Is Nothing To Fear From Motivational Speaking.


  • Contrary To Perception, Your Listeners Will Want To Hear What You Have To Say, And Will Be Rooting For You!
  • Use Judo Tactics Against Speech Anxiety! You Can Turn SA To Your Advantage By Implementing Easily Applied Strategies.


Top 6 Simple Strategies To Combat Speech Anxiety Which Will Liberate You And Your Business.

  1. Be Well Prepared And Rehearse Your Presentation To An Imaginary Audience.
  2. Use Warm Up Exercises And Deep Breathing Techniques Beforehand.
  3. Prepare An Introduction That Will Liberate You And Your Audience.
  4. Focus On The Core Message Of Your Motivational Speech And Believe!
  5. Use Words To Create Visual Images To Stimulate The Imagination.
  6. Cultivate A Mindset Which Produces A Positive Mental Attitude.




Top 12 Opportunities To Use Motivational Speaking To Transform Your Business And The Businesses Of Your Clients

  1. Use Motivational Speaking At A Local Business Networking Events Such As The Chamber Of Commerce.
  2. Use Motivational Speaking At Business Seminars Or CPD Events.  (Continuous Professional Development).
  3. Use Motivational Speaking At Post Contract Business Lunches For Current Or Potential Clients.
  4. At A Free Consultation Meeting With A Potential Local Business Client.
  5. As A Speaker At A Client Retention Social Event For A Local Company.
  6. At A Networking “Open Mic” Event You Organise For Potential Clients.
  7. On A Local Radio 3 Minute Business Launch Broadcast.
  8. At A Trade Exhibition From Your Stand Rented From The Organisers.
  9. As A Pre-Recorded Webinar Your Client’s Customer List.
  10. At A Charity Fundraising Event Offering 50% Profits To The Charity.
  11. At A Community Enterprise Event To Promote Local Community Initiatives.
  12. Use Motivational Speaking As A Pre-Recorded Webinar Inviting Guests From Your Own List.


Top 12 Ingredients Of A Professional Motivational Speech That Will Grab Your Audience And Win You Business On The Spot!


  1. Sell An Experience That Will Capture The Imagination Of Your Audience.
  2. Tell A Story That Will Take Your Listeners On A Journey.
  3. Introduce The “Bad Guy” And Paint An Ugly Picture Of The Effects.
  4. Introduce The “Good Guy” And Demonstrate  The Winning Stroke.
  5. Punctuate With “Hook Lines” That Will Unleash Human Potential.
  6. Don’t Sell Products And Services, Sell A Dream.
  7. Include ONLY 3 Key Messages In Your Speech (The Power Of “3”).
  8. Engage Your Audience With Analogies And Illustrations.
  9. Use Success Stories To Show Evidence and Endorsements.
  10. Show Inter-actions With Enthusiastic End Users.
  11. Demonstrate A Sense Of Purpose That Embraces A Sense Of Destiny.
  12. Answer The One Question That Matters Most.


Answer The One Question That Matters Most: “Why Should I Care?”


You are not selling a product you are selling an experience.


Aristotle’s Classic 5 Points:

  • 1. Story that arouses interest
  • 2. Question that has to be answered
  • 3. A solution to the problem
  • 4. Describe the benefits to solution
  • 5. Call to action


In your speech you need to:

  • 1. Create A Story
  • 2. Ask A Question
  • 3. Build Drama
  • 4. Introduce The Enemy
  • 5. Demonstration Solution
  • 6. Show The Benefits
  • 7. Call To Action


See how Steve Jobs convinced John Sculley to leave Pepsi Cola and join Apple:
“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want to change the world?”



“Story Starters”
Make up a short 3 minute story using one of the following as the “story starter.”

  • • ‘It was a dark and stormy night’,
  • • ‘I wish people would not say …’,
  • • ‘Yesterday I saw a herd of cows ‘,
  • • ‘My favourite activity is bird watching’,
  • • ‘The wisest saying I ever heard was …’,
  • • ‘In 20 years time I will be …’,
  • • ‘It made me yell’,
  • • ‘All I want for Christmas is …’,
  • • ‘Something is terribly wrong …’,
  • • ‘The little voice inside my head …’,
  • • ‘This is the secret I’ve never shared before’,
  • • ‘I never knew what happened …’,
  • • ‘Sometimes I just want to …’,
  • • ‘You know it’s Summer when …’,
  • • ‘The story made me want to …’,
  • • ‘I heard the best news this morning’,
  • • ‘The sound of people laughing …’

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