Mobile App Launch Strategy

mobile app launch strategy

The creation of any app is from an idea.

This idea is usually customer driven.

For any app to work properly, there are a few things to take into account.

You have to create a list of features that you think users will like.


Mobile app launch strategy includes  Application Definition Statement.




Application Definition Statement

This list is called the Application Definition Statement. This statement is the declaration of an app’s main purpose and its target audience. This statement includes the following:


1. List of all features users might like – come up with a list of potential features that you think users might like. For example, if it is for a game, the features would probably be single player, multiple player, online game, off line game, buy credit, sell credit, settings, create new game, save game, join game, exit game and others.
2. Who are the users – what age group, what do they look for in the features. Based on the above features, your users will be aged from 10 years old to 25 years old. The design and graphics should be exciting and futuristic.
3.  Filter the statement through target definition – this will enable you to reduce your original list to a few features that seem suitable based on your target definition. With this new revised list you can now start to design and structure your apps accordingly. The use of third party tools is common for graphic enhancement. Some of these tools are free and some come with a fee.
4. Process design cycle – repeat steps 1 to 3 after completing step 3 and determine if there is a need for further features, controls and terminology based on the target definition. After several cycles, you can be sure that your app is now properly designed for the intended target audience who can appreciate it.

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