Local Market – How to Target Uploading to YouTube

Local Market targeting using video

I am going to use example about:

Houston Dentist | Houston Tx Dentist | Dentis Houston Tx
Next thing that we need to focus on speaking about local marketing, is the Description.


In the description the firsst thing that you want to add is your offline consulting website. If you don’t have a website you will want to add an email to the description.


The video that we are going to be adding to youtube will have the call to action at the end of it.
If you don’t have a website set up for you consulting practice don’t worry because it isn’t necessary.


I do suggest that once you have made a sale or 2 that you invest in at least a 3-5 page static site so that you have a place to send potential clients to show them your portfolio and other things. But to get started it isn’t necessary.
Here is an example of what the description will look like:
http://yoursite.com Houston Dentist is the #1 source for Houston Tx dentists. If you are looking for a Dentist in Houston Tx then look no further then this video. Make your next trip to a Houston Tx Dentist a great experience.
Next are the tags. Since we can only use 1 word at a time and not a phrase we will want to make sure that we get all our keywords into the tag box. For this example it will look like this:
Houston dentist tx 77001 dentists
77001 is the zip code for Houston, TX. I like to add that since it will help the video pop up for those who search for something like Dentist 77001.

local market-Houston-dentists


At the bottom and click Save Changes and your video will be uploaded. Now it is time to go in and do the major on page SEO for this video.
Once the video is uploaded you will want to go to your video menu and click on the video that you just uploaded. Once you do that you will need to add the “Date and Map” stamp to the video.







local market Houston-dentists-map











houston dentist


Next thing that we want to do is add Annotations to the video. This will help with on page SEO. Now we will want to add a few of these since we want the on page SEO to be amazing and at the same time have them take action once they see the video.





The last thing that you want to do with the video is add an annotation at the end of the video with either you website address and a call to action or your phone number at that point:
“If you would like to see your video here contact me at www.mysite.com or 555-555-5555”









This isn’t something that I have experimented with before but I want to make you aware that the option is here. ON the right hand side of the tabs on the top is a section called “Captions and Subtitles”. I am wondering if you upload a file with keywords that you are targeting to this section that it will help with the on page SEO?
Again, this isn’t something that I have experimented with but I am just putting it out there. If you do mess around with this I would love to hear about your results.



That is it for on page SEO when it comes to Youtube. You want your video to have the proper Title, Description and meta tags.
Then you want to make sure that your video is Geo Targeted towards the location that you are trying to rank for.
The last thing that you want to do is to make sure that you have added annotations that have the keywords that you are targeting as well as a clickable “Call to Action” annotation at the end of the video.
This information can be applied to all different types of Youtube videos and not just these offline videos. Consider this a little “YouTube SEO Course”.

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