Job Interview 20 Tips

Job Interview Top 20 Tips

Follow the Job Interview tips below in order to find the right person for your business.
1. Research:
Your candidate should have prepared for this job interview and know something about your company: products, services, markets, competitors, trends, current activities, priorities. Check this out.
2. Prepare:
Think about the kind of questions you should be asking to achieve your goals.
3. Review:
Be able to speak openly and honestly where you are taking your company.
They need to identify with this.
4. Project:
Be clear about what you are expecting from this job interview.
You are looking to grow your business.
5. Provide:
Are they providing an up to date Resume and giving you the information you need to make an objective decision as to whether this person is right for your company.
Anything to hide?
6. Obtain:
Ensure you have received two or three excellent and relevant references.
7. Believe:
Be enthusiastic about your company! But NOT over - confident. Adopt a positive mind - set. Deal positively with any negative aspects.
8. Be Truthful:
Do not avoid genuine questions or distort the facts.
9. Promise:
Only what you know you can deliver, but demonstrate the will to make this happen for the right person
10. Discover:
Consider giving your candidate a personality test to reveal their strengths and weaknesses.
But do not put them in an intimidating environment or situation.
This will only distort the results.
job interview
11. Dress Code:
Notice how they are dressed. Is it appropriate to what would be expected in your company? Also remember that the way someone dresses reveals something of their personality.
12. Explore:
Some jobs invite or offer opportunity to re - define or develop the role itself .
If this is the case, be ready to be flexible and open in appointing the right person.
See beyond the Resume and look for any hidden potential in this person.
13. Assemble:
Has this person put together  more information than written down in their Resume?
If this is the case, it’s a good sign.
They really want this job and have thought about what extra info would be helpful.
14. Request:
Make sure you have a copy of the company’s employment terms and conditions or employee handbook before the interview.
This is for reference only, if you get to the point of discussing terms.
15. Question:
Prepare good questions to ask in advance.
And notice the questions the person asks you.
These will show initiative and interest in the job.
16. Options:
Make sure you leave your options open and don’t make a quick decision.
If this person is right for your company, they will be patient!
17. Be Yourself:
Be human!
Employers can sometimes come across as intimidating and unhelpful.
You will draw out deeper personality traits in your candidate if you treat them with respect. Look out for creativity, determination, compassion, curiosity, vision, innovation and ethical code.
18. Be Sociable:
You will disarm your candidate if you treat them well.
They have pre-conceived ideas about  you!
19. Negotiate:
The candidate may not be exactly what you want.
Be open and be ready to be flexible if you see potential.
20. Embrace The Opportunity:
Be ready to begin at a different starting place than you anticipated.
Don’t be too rigid in your expectations.
You may have struck gold!

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