Gps Based Vehicle Tracking System

GPS based tracking devices for carsGPS based vehicle tracking system has a variety of uses, for large companies that maintain vehicle fleets as well as for individuals who need to keep track of an at-risk family member.


These small tracking units attach magnetically to any motor vehicle, allowing you to keep tabs on the vehicle’s location using a computer program that tracks GPS coordinates and vehicle history.


You have the option of logging in to the system at scheduled intervals, or of receiving text or email alerts when the vehicle being tracked strays off course or into a restricted area.


You can also track vehicle history and see where it has been during the time when you were logged out of the system.



Here are some people who can benefit from using a vehicle GPS tracker.


Delivery services

For delivery and moving companies, getting shipments from one place to another in a timely manner is essential. GPS based vehicle tracking system units keep fleet vehicles in constant contact with dispatchers.


If a vehicle is lost, GPS tracking devices for cars allow dispatchers to pinpoint its exactly location and quickly find the best way to get back on track.


Likewise, in the event that a vehicle breaks down, a GPS tracker allows a tow truck or emergency vehicle to get to them more quickly, even if the breakdown occurred in an isolated area.



Taxi companies

Much like delivery services, taxis and other public transports like airport shuttles need to get people from pickup to destination as quickly as possible.

GPS tracking units provide a host of benefits for taxi drivers and dispatch alike. When dispatch receives a call, GPS based vehicle tracking system lets them know exactly where their taxis are so they can notify the closest one to the pickup point. Additionally, on board GPS units allow drivers to find destinations they may not be familiar with and can provide turn-by-turn directions and traffic notifications to get them to their destination as quickly as possible.



Law enforcement

Law enforcement vehicles also benefit from the installation of GPS tracking units. Much like with taxi drivers, outfitting all police patrol cars with GPS allows dispatchers to see which vehicles are closest to the site of an incident. They also allow cars on the way to the scene of an accident avoid traffic jams and find the quickest route to the location of a call. Vehicle GPS trackers also have another important usage for law enforcement workers. They track car history and allow vehicles under authorized surveillance to be tracked more easily and efficiently.



Parents of teenagers

Parents of new drivers often have concerns about their son’s or daughter’s driving habits and what they are doing with their newfound freedom. GPS vehicle trackers allow them to unobtrusively monitor where their children are when they are out driving and whether or not they are practicing safe driving habits. Attaching a vehicle GPS tracker to a teenager’s car assuages much of the worry associated with young drivers who are still learning about road safety.



GPS vehicle tracking is an easy, cost-effective solution to implement. An initial investment in the computer program and GPS devices has the potential to save quite a bit of money in the long run as well as making drivers safer and more efficient.


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